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2020/21 Committee

Ella Scammell 

I am a final year student, and I hope to pursue a career as a solicitor after my years at university. As President for the society this year, I aim to support our members in every way possible from expanding their network and providing them with opportunities to providing them with a support network and safe space where they can feel a sense of community. This expands further than only within the law school; our members are students studying a range of degrees and myself and the committee are aiming to maintain this sense of inclusivity within the society. Members will be able to attend a range of fantastic events, and opportunities and resources will be circulated regularly to ensure that our members can make the most of what the society and the legal profession has to offer. We understand that careers after university can seem very daunting, so we aim to make this more accessible for our members by providing a broad choice of opportunities to enable them to find what is right for them. 

Vice President
Hannah Martin

I am a second year law student aspiring to pursue a career as a solicitor following my studies. I am well prepared for this time consuming, challenging and yet very rewarding role as previously I held the position of Marketing Officer within the last committee. I truly value the efforts that have been made to get the society into its current position and aim to continue to shape it for the benefit of all members. I want the University of Southampton Law Society to be a community in which everyone feels supported with the right to tools to succeed hence our new 'Coffee & Cake' events for this year. As a member of the Bright Network, Aspiring Solicitors and City Solicitor Horizons it is of great importance to me that all members have the opportunity to establish a network of connections that will enable them to exceed their own expectations when it comes to their future career. This year I hope the events we organise will allow everyone to develop the vital skills they need to gain a head start into their chosen legal career. 


Charlie Johnson-Hall

I am a third-year law student with aims to pursue a career as a solicitor and I am particularly interested in the family law sector. I enjoy spending time with friends, walking my dog and baking. As Secretary, I want to support the rest of the committee by updating our website, setting up regular meetings and helping to arrange a variety of beneficial and insightful events. For 2020/21 I would like to organise and sell merchandise that is appealing to all members, in order to bring the committee together and create a sense of community. I will also work closely with the Inns of Court Secretary to provide a social calendar for the year, so that all members are aware of what events the society will be offering throughout the year. I want to ensure that the society is inclusive, engaging and beneficial for all members to help them achieve their desired legal career. 

Jules Brown

I am a second-year law student with aims to pursue a career in the legal sector. As treasurer, I will strive to provide a clear understanding of the finances of the Society, as well as ensuring the most efficient use of our funds. Through this, I will try and use my position and contribute to the organisation of events with aims to secure the best opportunities possible for all our society members. 

Communications Officer
Rosie Allen

I am a first-year law student and the Communications Officer for the Law Society 2020-2021. Peers and colleagues often describe me as hard working and committed, with great attention to detail, as well as being friendly and willing to help others After University, I aim to pursue a career as a Solicitor for a commercial law firm. Outside of my academics, I enjoy reading, drawing and painting, and spending time with my friends and family. 

Social Secretary
Holly Chapell

  I am a third-year law student, wanting to pursue a career in the legal sector. My interests include, fashion, beauty, health/fitness and reading. As Social Secretary I will be planning alongside other members of the committee our 3 main social events- the Fresher’s mixer, Winter Ball and our Summer Boat Ball. I am keen to expand our social events throughout the year. I would like to plan a variety of events where everyone can get involved and get to know each other in order to make our society welcoming and friendly. For example, pub crawls, quiz nights, cocktail evenings, bowling, and dessert dates. I want to use my platform to ensure that people are able to de-stress and make lifelong friends at university!  

Non-Law Representative
 Freya Patten

My name is Freya and I am an undergraduate studying Environmental Science. I am hoping to do a law conversion with a view to becoming a solicitor. I am partaking this route into Law, as I aspire to be an Environmental Lawyer, and gaining experience in the area of law is something I really wanted to achieve alongside my degree. I hope to do a job in the future which will really make a difference in the world, and becoming a solicitor and helping companies to develop a better world is my dream job. I also love helping others and seeing people fulfil their potential, and I am looking forward to helping people as the non-law representative. I am planning on being the advocate to students who may not realise there is a non-law community out there who can help them on their path to becoming a lawyer.  

My aims for the society are to increase the amount of non-law members. I plan on hosting events, with the aid of law students, to help raise awareness, and offer advice about law to those students who are not studying it as a degree. I plan on helping non-law members feel more at home in the society and to help their path become a lot easier, in terms of vacation schemes, work shadowing and training contracts.

Negotiation Officer
Beste Bektas

My name is Beste Bektas, and I am the Negotiation Officer for the Law Society 2020/21. Outside of academics and the society, me general interests include reading, going to the gym, debating and socialising with friends and family. I am an approachable and proactive individual hence I enjoy getting involved in various activities and take pleasure in the organisation and running of events. As an aspiring commercial solicitor, I thoroughly relish listening to podcasts and reading the business news. As an aspiring solicitor, I hope I can transfer the negotiation skills I developed in the Negotiation Competition 2020, as well as utilising these attributes for the effective organisation of the Negotiation Competition 2021. 

Sports Representatives
Lucas Moran and Jasmine Collier

I am Lucas and I am in my secondyear of law at Southampton and aspiring to become a practicing solicitor following my studies. As a sports representative, I am committed to making society sport more accessible to all students on the course by promoting and supporting our successful netball and badminton teams. I am extremely passionate about sport enriching the experience of law students at university and I aim to increase its exposure through a regular social media presence that can truly celebrate the talents of those in the society.

Hi I’m Jasmine and I am one of the Law Society Sport’s Reps. I am really interested in both Sport and Law. I play for the University Netball team and the Law Society Netball team (Hale’s Angels). I enjoy all different types of sports from basketball to rounders and synchronised swimming. I think sport is the best way to bring people together. I am also passionate about law. I aspire to be a solicitor in a London law firm after I graduate, hopefully working in corporate law. Outside of sport and law, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and going to socials. Our degree can be tough, challenging and a lot of pressure and sports are the best break from all of this.  

Hope to see you soon, getting involved in all the events the Law Society has to offer!  


Commercial Awareness Officer​
Matt Warner

I’m Matt and at the time of writing this I am a 1st year LLB student. Going into my second year, I know that my passions lie in corporate law. After developing an interest in finance this year in a qualification exterior to my degree, there is no doubt in my mind that I want to be dealing with the detail and complexity of a career in the commercial sphere. I also compete in negotiation, having won this year’s internal competition with the Law Society. Next year, I aim to get involved in national and international competitions. 

Outside of the legal world, I have developed a love for running while at university. I also really enjoy reading philosophy and keeping my mind occupied with some non-law related learning in my down time. 


As for my role as your Commercial Awareness Officer, my job is to keep you informed on the importance of current affairs and how these affect the business world, including law firms. A lot of students cower at the thought of understanding capital markets or how a partnership functions etc., but they’re essential to succeed as a commercial lawyer. 

Marketing Officer
Sophie Binks

I am a first-year law student and the marketing officer for the Law Society 2020-2021. I aim to pursue a career as a solicitor, although I am currently unsure as to in which sector. Apart from my degree, I enjoy playing tennis, going to the gym and socialising with friends.  

As the marketing officer, I will be producing monthly bulletins to update students on upcoming society events and news whilst also advertising our sponsors.  

As well as emailing the bulletins, as they currently are, I think it is a good idea to also print them and place them around the law school because they sometimes may be lost amongst other emails which will therefore make sure everyone, including students not in the society, will see them. 

First Year Representative
To be elected October 2020
Diversity & Inclusion Officer​
Aishwarya Mohan

Hiya! My name is Aish and I am the D&I offer here in our law school. Many would describe me as aspirational, hardworking, competitive and knowledgable. Although, my best features would have to be my humour and bubbly character (if I do say so myself!). Though I am not limited in my aspirations, I have an interest in commercial law (I run my own website and commercial newsletter on Linkedin) and alongside this, I trade in the foreign exchange market; model, act and direct in short films; produce music and am currently working on an EP! As a gay woman of colour who who struggles with mental health, I want to create a happy, safe and healthy environment for law and non-law students within our lawsoc who are of all different backgrounds. I also have a unique perspective in law as I have attended many bespoke events around D&I and am also a part of many unique mentoring schemes exclusively for those of minority backgrounds. I am committed to using knowledge gained from these experiences to create a more inclusive space here and equip our students with the tools needed for a successful legal career. 

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