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2019/20 Committee


Gemma Wilson

I am Gemma, President of the Law Society and a second-year law student. Since joining the committee my aim has been to give our members access to the best opportunities and allow them to experience a head start into a legal career. I aspire to assist members in establishing connections with employers and organisations that enable them to exceed their aims and develop vital skills for any law-related career or work experience. I aim to continue to shape the society, to push previous boundaries, to create new, unique events and extend the society in both membership numbers and event variety. Members will be able to participate in events related to careers, skills, socialising, fundraising and sports. Ensuring the society is active, diverse and inclusive is of great importance to me, so I will continue to facilitate the effective running of the society and encourage a culture of openness and teamwork. This year we have elected new committee roles to reflect our desire to increase inclusivity and our focus on all students from all subject disciplines feeling welcome within the Law Society.

Vice President

Kieran Spellman

I am a second-year law student aspiring to pursue a career in Corporate Law. I am an ambitious individual with an avid interest in the commercial world. I am keen to utilise my position to help elevate the society as a recognisable and prestigious organisation that facilitates and maximises career opportunities for all of its members. I aim to enhance communications and associations with prestigious law firms through gaining sponsorship and relationship building. I will aid the committee in organising a myriad of different opportunities and events, emerging the society as a profitable investment for all of its members.


Hannah Farbon

I am pursuing a career in commercial law as a final year law student. As Secretary, I want to support my fellow Committee members by contributing to event planning and social media marketing. For 2019/20 I have redesigned and relaunched our Society website and despite having no web design background, I couldn't be more pleased with how it has turned out. I work closely with the Inns of Court Secretary, Rachel Greig,  to create the academic and social calendar for the year and also when we are running joint society events. Another part to my role is tackling the administrative tasks such as amending the Constitution and creating risk assessments. 


Stay tuned for member merchandise which will be coming shortly and involves some new designs for 2019/20! 

Communications Officer

Alexandra McCulloch

I am Alex, a second-year law student, eager to pursue a career as a solicitor. As this year’s communications officer I have the role of making the Law Society accessible to members through its presence on social media. Through this I aspire to provide efficient communication with regular updates in order to keep members well informed of upcoming events and opportunities. In addition to this I aim to create consistency across all platforms to reach all of our members -especially our incoming first years.


Ella Scammell

I am a second-year law student with aims to pursue a career as a solicitor. As treasurer, my aims are to use my skills and experience of accounting and financial management to promote clarity and coherence with regards to the finance of the society. I would like to use my role to ensure the society can reach its full potential and contribute to the growth and efficiency of the society by contributing to planning and organising exciting events for our members

Social Secretary

Holly Chapell

I am a second-year law student, wanting to pursue a career in the legal sector. I am highly motivated, hard-working and well organised whilst being a strong team player. These skills come in great use when planning our main events with the social secretaryof Inns of Court. The events we provide enable everyone to come together to celebrate their successes at the end of the semesters and importantly to have fun and socialise. I am keen to expand our social events throughout the year as well, especially in freshers week. I would like to plan a variety of events where everyone can get involved and get to know each other in order to make our society welcoming and friendly. For example, pub crawls, quiz nights, cocktail evenings, bowling, and dessert dates. I want to use my platform to ensure that people are able to de-stress and make lifelong friends at university!

Non-Law Representative

 Tom Fish

I am Tom, a third-year law student. I aspire to have be a solicitor. I am extremely motivated and put 100% into everything that I do. As Non-Law Representative, I aim to engage with those people who may not have considered a career in law before university, or have always been interested in the GDL procedure in order to obtain a profession in the legal sector. I am keen to welcome people from a variety of courses to ask me questions and to attend our event detailing the process of going from a non-law degree to qualifying within the legal sector.

Negotiation Officer

Amelia Ward

I am a third-year law student aspiring to pursue a career in the legal profession. I am a highly motivated and diligent individual, committed to my role as Negotiation Officer to make negotiating a skill that all members of the Law Society obtain to a high level. I am keen to ensure that all students feel welcomed and confident to partake in negotiation activities including our annual Negotiation Competition.

Sports Representatives

Lucas Moran and Emily Venning

I am Lucas and I am in my secondyear of law at Southampton and aspiring to become a practicing solicitor following my studies. As a sports representative, I am committed to making society sport more accessible to all students on the course by widening the range of sports available to students. I am extremely passionate about sport enriching the experience of law students at university and I aim to increase its exposure through a regular social media presence that can truly celebrate the talents of those in the society.

I am Emily and currently a third-year law student and have the role this year of sports rep. I am committed to increasing female involvement in sport to increase both physical and mental health of those around me as law can seem overwhelming at the best of times. I am still unsure as to whether I will pursue a career in law or not, butI am open to any opportunities that come my way. My main priority is to increase inclusion and make sure everyone is as happy as they can be whilst studying law and advertise sport as being a welcome break to our studies.

Commercial Awareness Officer

Maya Peat

My name is Maya and I am a second-year student. Although from Canada, I came here to study and pursue a career in law as I believe the opportunities are unrivalled. I have taken on the new role of Commercial Awareness Officer. Throughout first year I realised the importance of knowing what is happening in the world and how that affects law firms and their particular practice areas. I hope this year, to introduce as many students, both law and non-law, to this crucial area in a fun andinformative way. This could be through informal activities such as workshops and quiz nights or more formal events such as competitions. Developing a close relationship with firms would allow for students to gain a better understanding of exactly what commercial awareness means and how they can improve theirs

Marketing Officer

Hannah Martin

I am a first year law student aspiring to pursue a career as a solicitor following my studies. I work closely with both the Communications Officer and Social Secretary to help them in their roles in order to make sure everyone gets the most out of our Law Society. My aim is to have a positive impact by ensuring marketing is effectively communicated to members so they are more likely to be able to take advantage of the wide range of amazing opportunities on offer.

First Year Representative

Beste Bektas

I am Beste, currently first-year who is eager to pursue a career as a solicitor. As first year representative, I ensure I am able to communicate with the cohort to promote the events ran by the Law society. I am an approachable individual and hope first-years don’t hesitate to ask me for guidance. I am a strong team player and I incorporate these skills within the committee.

Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Leah Banghard

My name is Leah and I'm a first year law student whose aim is to become a solicitor. As the D&I officer, I hope to boost the confidence of individuals from all different backgrounds and identities to step foot into the legal world of work, without the fear of not fitting in. I aim to ensure that everybody feels represented and included in society activities and have the voice of everybody heard so that we can all make the most of our society.

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